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[110415] LADY JANE exchanging phone numbers with Yesung, “Simon D misunderstood?”

15 Apr

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[110410] Super Junior Yesung, introduced on a Japanese programme that provides Korean language courses~

10 Apr

[110404] Super Junior K.R.Y to sing Mnet Super Star K3’s Theme song~

5 Apr

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[101223] Yesung & f(x)’s Luna to release a duet for “President”, Song title: Loving You (also known as And I Love You)~

23 Dec

Yesung and Luna will have their first duet: ‘Loving You’ for the Wednesday-Thursday KBS Drama: ‘President’. On the 23rd episode, ‘Love You’ and Taeyeon’s ‘Can You Hear Me’ will be revealed. Composed by Cha Gilkwan and lyricist Bae Hwayoung, this ballad was written to be played during love scenes in ‘President’

Yesung’s last OST ‘It Has To Be You’ for the drama ‘Cinderella Sister’ received a lot of popularity. The song was nominated for the special award for 2010 MelOn Music Awards, OST section, gathering great recognition.

Moreover, the part 1 for ‘President OST’ with the song ‘Closing my lips’ has received a lot of love. This song ‘Loving you’ is expected to gain affection and support from public.

An official of the achieve group said: “The combination of their two voices was better than expected. The sad melody, together with the lyric, created an emotional ballad. It seems to be the best ballad in this winter”, expressing his strong satisfaction.
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[100515] Hong Gildong musical encore~

30 May

From June 5th to June 13th, Hong Gildong encore performance will start at the National Museum of Theatre. According to a representative, there will be a total of 12 performances, Yesung and Sungmin will also attend.
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[100524] Yesung: “I want to act and will continue with this challenge”~

29 May

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[100501] Yesung on winning #1 with OST song for ‘Cinderella Sister’, “I’m really happy”~

9 May

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[100504] The first Weekly Hit on Arirang M-Wave – ‘It Has To Be You’~♥

9 May



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[100507] Yesung reached #4 on KBS MuBank again~♥♥

9 May


im praying that he will get the chance to sing this~♥♥♥



[100503] Digital Music Awards interview with Yesung~

9 May


He so deserves to win the award~♥


on the picture~:D