[110404] Sukira cuts~

4 Apr

he sang ‘That Man’ from Secret Garden OSt.



will share other cuts later.lol.

will make a rip of this when I found a good quality vid. 😀

credits to mukky1004@youtube



Teukie singing a little part of Kiss Goodbye.♥

credits to delontobekky@youtube


Yesung and Teukie singing~

credits to delontobekky@youtube


Talking to Eunhyuk~

lol at YeTeuk’s ‘Congraturation’s song’..XD

After the ‘Happy Birthday’ song from the fans, Hyukjae said that It’s been a while since he heard the voice of Korean fans. Yesung said, there are a lot of fans who came in and Hyukjae said that he is very thankful and he said ‘Be healthy’ and ‘Do not catch colds and he misses the members who are in Korea and the fans.♥

Hyuk said that He will come back quickly to Korea.♥

credits to delontobekky@youtube


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