[100507] Super Junior, showing their masculine side, teaser is released… what is Miinah?~

9 May

The 10 members of Super Junior have returned as handsome men.

Super Junior released their Teaser on the 7th of May. Super Junior is planning to have their song ‘Miinah’ as their title song for their 4th album.

Currently in Super Junior, there is Hangeng in conflict with the Lawsuit, Kangin planning to go to the army and Kibum who is pursuing his acting career, which means that 10 people will do the album promotions.

In this teaser, Super Junior shows a lot of their masculine charm. In the dark background, Super Junior appears showing each persons charm by shaking a womens heart.

Fans who saw it said: “4Jib is daebak!” , “Their live performances make me curious”, “I want to see them soon”, “It’s definitely Super Junior” and many other reactions.

On the other hand, Super Junior’s new album will be sold from the the 13th of May. Super Junior will release “Miinah” on the 10th at 10am.
Their first live stage will be on the 14th of May on Music Bank

News: Newsen

Translations: seungeunlee @ SJ-World.net


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