[100407] Interview about Hong Gil Dong with Wawa Girl Magazine~

25 Apr

Wawa Girl Magazine: Hello~ Today please introduce yourself to our readers, not as singers but as musical actors.
Sungmin: Hello! I’m Sungmin, the musical act~~or. Wawa Girl readers, it’s been a long time, it’s really good to see you!
Yesung: I’m the famous musical actor [laughter] Yesung. Thank you for coming to our press conference.

W: You both appeared in musicals last year, in Namhansanseong and Akilla, and now you’re appearing for the first time in a year on a unique stage.
S: After I received a lot of love for Akilla, I was really happy to be able to participate in another similarly good work, and I promise that I’ll work even harder.
Y: I was given a lot of love for my last work, so for this one I think I have to work a lot harder. I’m still lacking, but I’m doing my best to try harder.

W: The original version of this musical was well received, does this mean the pressures on you for Hong Gil Dong are increased?
Y: Both Hong Gil Dong and Namhansanseong are historical dramas so the pressure for me is less. The pressure was actually bigger for Namhansanseong. It was my first debut stage, and it was really difficult to take on the role of Jeong Myeong-soo, who was heartbroken after being betrayed by his country. On the other hand Hong Gil Dong and I are very similar so I’m rehearsing without much difficulty.
S: I’ve felt a little pressure. To be honest, in Akilla, my only line was “Akilla” so it was easy even though acting was difficult, but in Hong Gil Dong, I have a lot of different lines so it’s more difficult.

W: I heard that Sungmin showed enthusiasm about changing his hairstyle for this performance.
S: [laughter] It wasn’t really that big of a deal. It’s just that for other activities I had to maintain a short hairstyle, so I wanted to try a change. Also I thought it seemed it would be good for the role of Hong Gil Dong, if you see it you’d understand but I just let it grow longer and permed it [laughter].

W: I believe that this performance involves a love story. Is there a kiss scene?
Y: [laughter] Sadly there isn’t a kiss scene. It’s really a shame [laughter].

W: I’ve heard that you’ll be showing us a different portrayal in the musical Hong Gil Dong than the Hong Gil Dong that we know. Please tell us about this performance.
Y: It is not the hero Hong Gil Dong that we are familiar with, you’ll be able to see a more human portrayal of Hong Gil Dong. It is an unconvential portrayal based on Heo Gyun’s Korean novel “Hong Gil Dong”, which sheds a new light on the life and love of Hong Gil Dong.
S: There will be a lot of great displays of action and more. Calligraphy is used as visuals on stage, and there is an exquisite combination of Korean music with an orchestra. It’s not just us two but about 50 popera* singers that are appearing so I think we can really capture people’s hearts.

W: You said that there is a lot of action, but other than that what other distinctive characteristics does the show have?
Y: It’s a historical drama, but we’re presenting a very different portrayal than the average historical drama. Like a French musical, we divide dancing and singing, and our action scenes will feature many martial arts specialists so the scenes will overflow with liveliness. I think you will think that it is a very new, fresh, and young take on a historical drama.

W: Please tell us if there are particular works you’d like to take part in after this, if you continue on activities as musical actors,
Y: There are really a lot of works that I want to try. I wanted to appear in last year’s “Notredame de Paris”, but unfortunately because of practices for Namhansanseong I wasn’t able to do it. Also the musical I wanted to do the most was “Mozart!”, but regretfully because of end of the year award shows, I couldn’t participate in that. In the future, if I have the opportunity, I’d like to take on the challenge of a licensed work** instead of a historical drama.
S: If I have the opportunity I’d like to do any good performance. I’m very greedy but I’m still lacking and I have a lot to learn so I have a long way to go. But through Hong Gil Dong I think I’ve been able to cultivate and polish my skills as an actor.

W: When can we see you not as musical actors but as Super Junior?
S: We’re currently doing our Asia Tour, not long ago we visited Beijing, and in February we have a concert in Taiwan. We still don’t have many activities focused in Korea, but if we finish off the Asia Tour well, you’ll be able to see us again within this year.

W: Well then, any final remarks?
S: Hong Gil Dong will be starting on February 18th. Please give us support and come and see it. Thank you.
Y: Please give our musical Hong Gil Dong a lot of love~

* Popera is a combination of “pop” and “opera” – in its Konglish form it means musicals that feature pop-style music.
** ” Licensed work” means a musical (usually from Broadway or the West End) that a Korean production company has bought the rights and license to so that it can be performed in Korea.

scanned by Vicky@SJ吧 all about 晟敏楼
Translation: ♥ jubee ♥ @ sj-world.net


LOLL at Yesung being disappointed about the lack of kissing scene.XDD

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