[091105] Yesung’s cyworld update~

5 Nov


In 고마운 마음 folder…

김종운 2009.11.05 12:49


I’m really surprised … Namhansansung Jung Myungsoo ^^


In E.L.F. folder..

김종운 2009.11.05 12:56

Syeongmin Heuijja-i Heebong Ryeowook Yessung* ^^

* Because our Yesunggie is different.XDDDD.
Syeongmin- Sungmin (셩민)
Heuijja-i – this is Hyukjae’s nickname.i just translated the characters itself.(흐이짜이)
Heebong- Heechul (희봉)
Yessung- Yesung (예썽)



source: Yesung’s cyworld
trans and shared by: yesungscloud@wordpress


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