[091103] Namhansansung fanpics (1/4)~

4 Nov


yes you have read that right.there are 4 parts.that’s a LOTTT of pictures.

i can’t help it.;_________;

there are so many beautiful pictures of him.T_T

i’ll post  my fave batch of pictures first.maybe the 2nd part will be up later or maybe tomorrow.T_T

anywayss, onto the picture spam. 😛


– we can’t post any gureumsori pictures, so just go the page to see the picturess.~^^




Namhansansung ending 1

Fancam 2

Fancam 3



it really breaks my heart to see him cry.i know it’s only tears of joy but.


im really really proud of our Yesunggie,  i really really want to see and hear him sing live.T__T

Maybe this musical will be a way to discover his talent and cast him in an another production.im really really happy for him.T___T

saranghaeyo oppa~!

cr: gureumsori


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