[091029] Cyworld entry about Yesung~

29 Oct



photo entries by Lee MinJae (one of the actors in NHSS musical)


Title: 슈주 예성과 한컷!!!

이민재 2009.10.29 11:19


아~~얼굴크기 OTL….

어여 살빼야게땅~


Title: 공연보러 온 조카들

이민재 2009.10.29 11:16


공연보러 온다고 종현이는 정장입고오공….예진이는 완전 예성 팬되버렸당….



im sorry.my korean is FAIL.T_______T

i can’t translate it.

the children in the last picture are Lee Minjae’s cousin, they came to watch the show.and Yejin(the girl) is a fan of Yesunggie.:D

according to the entry.:DD

i’ll edit this once it is translated.^^

source: 이민재 cy


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