[090806-07] Yesung’s cyworld update~

7 Aug


In 꿈나라 folder

김종운 2009.08.06 22:03

Its you..

Its.. only you for me…

Its you…

[090807] Entry

In 텔레비젼 folder…

김종운 2009.08.07 07:27

Pretending to be cute, but was not…

will edit if I find the trans…XD

source: Yesung’s cyworld

credit: ♬thea @ sj-world.net


One Response to “[090806-07] Yesung’s cyworld update~”

  1. L 2009/08/21 at 7:42 am #

    You’re cuteeee.
    He says that he’s not cute all the time, when he’s sooo cute that I always have to hyperventilate xD

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