[090529] Yesung as an MC for KBS’ new show~:D

29 May

KBS N (cable channel) June new program organisation

“Good-looking Guys’ Carriage”* changes title to “Day and night Handsome Guys’ Carriage”* for its season 2 starting in the beginning of June.
“Day and night Handsome Guys’ Carriage” new MCs are Shin Junghwan, Go yunwook, Lee sungjin and Super Junior Yehsung.
(The first season was MCed by Jung changwoo, Brian, Jo HyunMin and Julian Kang.)

The rest of the article is about other new programs of the channel including a SNSD child-care program where they will show more their mature lady image*

The change is expected for the second week of june.

* 미남들의 포차 and 꽃미남 포차 불철주야, if you have better ideas for title translation I don’t mind changing.
Basically the second one 꽃미남 is just the same as 미남 but with the flower reference with the whole boys over flower thing recently it makes sense lol.

Credits to CBS news (nocutnews)
Translation by Alice @ sj-world.net

YAYY.Yesunggie’s gonna be an MC.8D


2 Responses to “[090529] Yesung as an MC for KBS’ new show~:D”

  1. Tina 2009/05/29 at 5:11 pm #


    Thanks again for the updates! 🙂

    • yesungscloud 2009/05/30 at 8:58 am #

      he must be very happy.XDD

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