Super Junior on Kim Jungeun’s “Chocolate”

23 Apr

Super Junior is invited as guest on KJE Chocolate. 😀

Super Junior only appeared for the first 35mins.

cr: randomRinnie @yt


KRY perform Toast – they did the op for the show.they look so happy.LOL.Kyu’s ‘finger-dance’ is so adorable.XD.and the Sorry Sorry dance at the end is so random.XD.They sound really great too.:D

Sungmin, EunHyuk, Donghae “나를돌아봐”

Kangin Shindong Kyuhyun 그녀에게전해주오

Heechul,Eeteuk,Donghae,Kyuhyun,Ryeowook, Eunhyuk “찬란한사랑” – LOL.i was like.’that is Heechul.definitely’.XDDD.Teuk looks good in those shades.and Heechul said ‘Super Junior, Girls Generation Jessica and Son Dambi THANK YOU’ at the end .:DDDD

Siwon, Hankyung and Yesung ft. Jessica 비밀은없어 – LOL.Siwon, Hannie and Yesung are more like backup should be.Jessica ft. Siwon Hankyung and Yesung.XDD.

Super Junior interview – LOL.Kangteuk as bodyguards.XDDDDD.Shindong danced to Son Dambi’s song.XD


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